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Why use a Solvent Free Process and Coating?

Paints and coatings have traditionally been solvent based and caused harm to the environment.

These concerns have intensified. Since the EU introduced the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) in 2007 there has been a continuous drive towards eradicating the use of solvent based products.

A number of EU countries have already introduced stringent regulations. With growing concern regarding marine pollution it is likely that regulation will increase and be more stringently applied.

Bosuns Locker are pleased to inform all our clients that purchase Chemco International solvent free products that we can offer a minimum three year guarantee on all professionally applied coatings. Providing that work was carried out by a Chemco International certified applicator who will have undergone strict training.

How to ensure you are future proofed.

Chemco International have developed products and processes that meet all the regulatory requirements. Such is the confidence and belief in these products, that Bosuns Locker (provided the work is carried out by a Chemco International trained and certified applicator) will provide a guarantee lasting for a period of three years.

Chemco International have truly revolutionised the coating industry ensuring that applicators have a safer working environment.

The use of Chemco International’s unique IMO approved solvent free wet and dry rust tolerant coating advantages projects in terms of cost and duration.

The Advantages

  • 100% Solvent Free
  • No Grit Blasting
  • No need for expensive extraction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lloyds class, NSF & FDA certified
  • Surface protection standard as low as ST2 & WJ-4
  • Wet & Rust Tolerant
  • Universal system for all areas of the yacht
  • Hazard free
  • No humidity or dew point restrictions
  • No extensive ventilation or dehumidification required
  • Convenient 1kg & 5Kg pack sizes

Applicators can now not only undertake routine maintenance and repair work in a safe environment, they can also substantially reduce environment damage through the use of solvent-free coatings.

By utilising Chemco International’s unique IMO approved, solvent-free, wet and rust tolerant coating systems the overall cost and duration of projects can be significantly reduced.

This is good news for the Superyacht Industry and yacht owners who are now looking for coating systems which can offer long-term protection of their assets.

Chemco International have truly revolutionised the coatings industry. Not only do Chemco International’s coating systems comply with the latest Health & Safety and Environmental damage, maintenance and repair costs.

Our products are available now

At Bosun’s Locker we firmly believe that environmentally friendly products are the way to a long, healthy and successful future.

We have products in stock right now that will enable you to take advantage of this new era in coating protections for your vessel.

Our team stand by ready to help you and answer any questions you may have about our products. As the exclusive distributor in Mallorca of Chemco International products we have unrivalled knowledge in this area!

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Our RS500P primer and RA500M top coat products can be used for fuel (black and grey) tanks, ballast tanks, bilges, engine rooms, fresh water tanks, pipe works and much more.

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