3M Fast Cut Plus

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3M Fast Cut Plus

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Use 3M™ Perfect‐It™ Fast Cut Plus Compound to remove sanding scratches after flatting or denibbing processes (with 3M 260L P1200 / P1500 or 3M Microfine 1500 / 2000 wet sanding paper). Part of 3M™s colour coded range of compounds, this product is to be used with a green pad.

Get a perfect gloss finish, quickly and efficiently, with 3M™ Perfect It™ Fast Cut Plus Compound. Our fast cutting liquid abrasive removes 3M 260L P1200 or P1500 abrasive discs or 3M microfine 1500 and 2000 wet sanding paper scratches from refinished or original paintwork.

Our fast cut plus compound is one of our latest generation of award winning colour coded compounds, designed for working on all kinds of paint defect restoration works, to help achieve a superior gloss finish.

With our compound, you get a fast cut rate performance and it’s easier to see when the job is finished, for quick and easy clean up – and an exceptional finished result.

This fast acting liquid abrasive removes sanding scratches from refinished or original paintwork. Applied using a machine polisher, 3M Fast Cut Plus Compound is easy to use and guarantees a high gloss finish!

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