Marine Shine Metal Polish

professional strength product for weathered boat surfaces

Marine Shine Metal Polish

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This professional strength product cleans and polishes weathered boat surfaces.

The abrasive agents remove rust from all bright metal parts and fiberglass surfaces on boats. Excellent for preserving the luster of hulls, decks and engines.

An extremely abrasive cleaning, polishing and rubbing agent. Perfect for weathered boat surfaces. It cleans and remove rust from all shiny metal hardware parts and including all fibreglass reinforced surfaces.

The abrasive agents are the active ingredient which remove the stains. Note that using this polish will delay the onset of renewed corrosion and tanrnishing. Safely removes oxidisation, stains and even bluing on pipes from exhaust heat.

The brilliant reflective lustre will amaze you and the invisible wax coating will ensure long lasting protection and shine. This cleaning and conditioning polish leaves a brilliant glossy finish. As you would expect from an international award winner, it removes dirt and surface corrosion in a single treatment, while leaving an invisible coat of long lasting protection against tarnishing.

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