Scotch Pro Masking Tape

The industry standard masking tape

Scotch Pro Masking Tape

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Scotch blue masking film with painter tape for quick and precise gluing of surfaces and edges.

With the Scotch blue masking film with painter strap, you can quickly and precisely the edges masking and at the same time protect surfaces before color splashes It's ideal for spraying with paint spraying devices, but also for the painting with a brush or roller.

Easy to unfold due to its patented folding design, the masking film simply and easily. Remains: the masking film on the surface to nestle with their static charge - you can spray without any problems or stroke.

Clean the detachment: The Scotch blue masking film with painter tape has a medium adhesive force and can be after the color work clean and without leaving any residue removal - up to 14 days after the masking tape. This text is machine translated

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